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Friday, November 5, 2010

SkyFire App for iPhone

Skyfire, an iPhone app developed by Skyfire Labs Inc. (, is an app that allows users to view flash applications through its specially designed web browser. It made it's day-view this past Wednesday, and within just a few hours, the app itself ran to the top ten charts of iTunes and was faced with such a high demand that the app was effectively "sold out". The reason for this somewhat oxymoron (who sells out of virtual files that can be endlessly copied, anyways?)is that the app utilizes servers that utilizes cloud server computing, allowing for the code of a flash file to be connoted into something readable by an iPhone or iPad device. These servers (relatively small in number for their purpose) were being used with such high demand that there was a great deal of lag and even server crashes experienced by users.

But now, as I write to you, the app is once again available for download on iTunes. Get it while you can!

My review of Skyfire:

For three bucks, its a pretty handy little app. I have always wanted to play flash on my mobile Apple devices, and let me tell you, its been a long time coming. Despite its usefulness, it does have some downsides: The app is slow to load the video but it DOES NOT DRAIN YOUR BATTERY. The slow to load is a bit of a given: translating all that a code does take a while to buffer. The battery doesn't drain much faster than youtube, however, because the video is being converted from flash to QuickTime on a seperate server, and the iPad is the client. So the battery works pretty well.

Anyways, Skyfire is a solid app with a solid idea and a technique that delivers. I love this app and is definitely on the front page of my apps. I will continue to follow this app and it's news loyaly.

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